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industrial and commericial engravers

Our knowledgeable staff's core focus is to provide you with an excellent & dependable engraving service.

    custom laser etched anodised al parts
  • Modern computerised engraving technology.
  • knowledgeable staff with engraving know how.
  • CO2 Laser engraver - large bed size suitable for a variety of engraving, etching and laser cutting your jobs.
  • YAG laser - ideal for marking all metals and certain plastics.
  • Machine engraver - Engrave and cut metals and panels.
  • Curved surfaces - capable of engraving 360° around surface, uneven or curved surfaces.
  • High contrast readable mark possible.
  • Permanent marking solutions.
  • Able to engrave text, specific font, logos, slogans and graphics.
  • All engraving work done in-house with our machines.

Our expertise

    Laser etched tool bit with custom text and numbers
  • Complex laser engraving and cutting applications.
  • Military applications and UID marking.
  • Engraving aircraft panels - engrave one layer only leaving the base layer.
  • Laser marking of all materials including hard metal.
  • Durable bar-coding solutions.
  • QR and data matrix codes on variety of materials.
  • Photo engraving.
  • Engraving of non-English / foreign text.
  • Finding solutions that work for you.

Common materials we engrave and mark on

    black metal etching stainless steel plates and easy to read
  • Stainless steel, titanium, brass, aluminum and other metals
  • Tesa self adhesive security laser labels. Special adhesive label that is extremely resistant to temperature, chemicals and UV light.
  • Plastics and plastic products.
  • Achieve a high contrast, durable black metal marking on metals.
  • Laser markable aluminum using DuraBlack™ for a durable mark in harsh environments. DuraBlack is resistant to sunlight (UV-radiation), abrasion, high-temperatures, salt-spray and chemical exposure.
  • Supply, engrave and cut laser laminates for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Rubber stamps and seals.
  • Flexible stencils and aluminum gobos.

Artwork, designs and file formats we can work with

    Laser etched black anodised aluminium
  • Able to import random data from spreadsheets.
  • DXF, PDF, CDR, AI, JPG file formats.
  • We are able to work from original panels, plates, parts or other items that you need engraved.
  • Work from print-off plans.
  • In house artwork department.