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Porcelain memorial portraits : Additonal information

Optional: Photographic (print) Borders

White border

portrait border whiteNo border colour.

Fillet border: Photographic

portrait border fillet Standard border used if no border is specified for colour portraits.
This is a print.
Only available full colour portrait.

Full border: Photographic

portrait border fullFull print.
This is a print.
Only available full colour portrait.

Optional: Traditional (hand painted) Borders

Fillet border: Traditional

portrait border filletFillet border hand painted.
For indoor use only.

Full border: Traditional

contact detailsFull border hand painted used if no border is specified for black and white images.
For indoor use only.

Optional: Photographic finish

Full colour

print in full colourDefault full colour print on ceramic.


print in sepia Image printed in Sepia.

Black and White

print in black and whiteImage printed in black and white.

Product information

All prices quoted are for standard one image portrait.
All portrait images are in colour.
Standard colour portrait comes with a photographic print gold fillet border.
All portraits come with 3M VHB (high bond) double sided adhesive tape.
Should you require any changes, example: a border or the image to be printed in black and white, please specify and we will quote accordingly.

Porcelain memorial portraits | printing information

Supplying high quality porcelain photo ceramics and Headstone memorial portraits.
Using the latest patented digital printing ceramic toner technology.
The ceramic pigments used are chemically inert to the effects of UV light.
Photo ceramics is not an exact science, it is an art that combines the principles of photography, decorative porcelain and graphic arts.
Not all shapes shown. Should you require something else, please contact us.

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